Learn Now | Pay Later

We are in this together! Our financing model allows you to focus on your studies and only pay back your fees once you earn a salary. Your commitment to paying back tuition fees will give future generations the same opportunities.

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Finance your education through income-based repayments

Fair financing

The repayments from our success-based tuition are only 15% of your monthly income, with a minimum of €66 per month. So you can start your career without any additional financial pressure.

Equal access to education

Success-based tuition allows learners to go through the various course modules without worrying about their finances irrespective of disabilities, race, gender and/or religion.

United community

We invest in you because we believe in you! We will stand by you and support your journey. All learners will have access to apply for success-based tuition.

How does success-based tuition work?

Azubi funds your tutoring fees upfront, and you are free to pursue any career path within the Azubi program. Success-based tuition is a shared risk by the entire Azubi family. Repayment only begins when graduates start earning an income. Your repayment rate will be 15% of your monthly income until you have paid the tuition fees (Front-end Cloud Professional: € 2,390 | Data Analytics: € 1,890). Once we have accepted your application, we will ask you to pay an enrollment fee of € 19. The enrollment fee will be deducted from the total tuition amount.