Career centre

How does the Career centre support the learners in getting a job?

The Career Center guides learners throughout their Azubi journey with the mission to position them better on the job market.

We have designed structures that equip learners with the requisite tools and skills to secure jobs.

With our experience, dedication and professional know-how in the industry, our career coaches offer career planning, in-demand career path coaching and occupational skills training needed to set learners apart in the workplace.

Learners are also engaged in career enhancement activities called career days and labs, where they are exposed to relevant resources to boost their employability.

Relevant areas covered during our sessions include career planning, finding the right job for you, CV preparation, LinkedIn optimization, How to Ace an Interview and how to remain employable.

There is also the opportunity for learners to book one-on-one sessions with the career coaches for a more intimate discussion on particular areas of interest.

We have also instituted a mechanism to share personalized job alerts with learners based on their interests, skills, experience and preferences.

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